Sometimes we need a little color in our life, are we right?? With that being said, we don’t necessarily want to commit to permanently dyeing our hair. We knew that this was the perfect week to bring in color expert, Kelsey Pebler! She is going to show us just how she adds a little dash of rainbow goodness without all the long-term commitment. How, you ask? Rainbow Lights of course! She will be taking us through her step-by-step process on how to properly execute this unique color skill on a Hairtalk Hairband. She’s going to cover everything from how she preps the hair to exactly what formulas and colors she uses to her specific placement. And…be sure to tune in next week as Kelsey is going to show us how to apply and uniquely style the Hairtalk Hairband to her model. It’s just so fun!!!


Kelsey Pebler