Are you in need of a creative color technique that can be applied in 15 minutes? When BCTV got word of this simple, quick and impressive color we knew we had to share it! Please welcome Guest Artist, Sam Daly. Sam is a educator for Pulp Riot as well as an Ambassador for Salon Centric. She came up with this technique while in a pinch during a hair show that resulted in looking just like the reflection on a bubble! Tune in to see her perfect color combos, quick application, and tips to keeping this color looking fresh!


Sam Daly

Sam Daly is a passionate and innovative stylist based in Sarasota, Florida. With 18 years of experience, she is now an international educator for Pulp Riot, a Salon Centric Ambassador and a 6 time one-shot award nominee. Sam is the owner of @bottleblonde76 salon in downtown Sarasota. As a stylist she is dedicated to providing exceptional work to her clients in the chair. As an educator she is committed to providing knowledge and inspiration to her students. Her ambitions are to continue to grow as a stylist and bring that wisdom to students around the world.