We’re back for another round with our super talented guest artist, Kelsey Pebler! In case you missed it, last week she custom colored a Hairtalk Hairband and created a Rainbow Lights effect. It’s the perfect way to splash in a pop of color without the long-term commitment. This week, Kelsey is going to show you exactly how she positions and styles the hairband. Properly placing this kind of color scheme can be tricky, so we wanted to make sure that you guys would be perfectly versed on how to do it. She also uses unique styling techniques to blend the piece in with her model’s hair, creating a completely seamless effect. Kelsey even sneaks in some styling tips for an exclusively designed “top of the head piece” that she custom colored and created just for you guys. It’s so good!!! You’re going to love the final looks…Rainbow Lights are the New Highlight!


Kelsey Pebler