Fundamentally 901 Overview

The timeless Nine Zero One look is one that everyone wants to learn, so we’ve brought together the most relevant episodes…just for you! This crash course will teach you just how to turn your clients into the ultimate Nine Zero One girls! When it comes to blondes, Nine Zero One is truly the gold standard. In this bundle, we’ve included the original Nine Zero One highlight as well as the updated 2.0 edition to give you all the education you’ll ever need! It also comes with the timeless Nine Zero One long layered haircut and the ultimate blowout…all taught by none other than Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri!

Definitively Brunette Overview

We’ve packed this crash course with absolutely everything you’ll ever need to know on how to create any kind of stunning brunette look…without fail! This crash course covers everything from how to tap and tone a brunette versus a blonde, how to create a seamless color melt, precise formulations to successfully tackle those level 6 and darker clients, root shadowing, mid blending, brunette balayage…all the things! We’re even covering how to properly place lowlights to maintain multidimensional color by using several different toners to achieve that seamlessly lived-in look; keep your brunettes bright without making them feel too blonde. Our color experts Nikki Lee, Riawna Capri, and Chris Weber Mirlach are here to take you through this ultimate guide to brunettes!


Riawna Capri

As a super down-to-earth, yet honest person, Riawna’s special touch has clients coming from around the world to have her help create their “best you.” Riawna is always joking around and laughing too loud, but she takes her craft very seriously. After graduating from Oxnard High School, her parents forced her to go to college, which lasted for two years, until she made it to Marinello’s School of Beauty, in Henderson, Nevada, circa 2002. After graduating at the top of her class, she went to work at “the best salon in LA,” which at that time, in her eyes, was Fred Segal Beauty. From there, she opened Nine Zero One with co-founder, Nikki Lee, and launched IN COMMON.

Nikki Lee

Hair stylist, salon owner, entrepreneur and mom, Nikki is a jill-of-all-trades. Whether she’s layering in some extensions, crafting the perfect blonde locks or touching up a deep brunette shade, she always makes her clients feel and look their best. Nikki went to beauty school in her hometown of Reno, Nevada. After she graduated, she went to Genesis Salon. When she moved to LA, she assisted at Fred Segal Beauty in Santa Monica, California. After opening Nine Zero One Salon with co-founder, Riawna Capri, they launched IN COMMON.

Chris Weber Mirlach