It can be overwhelming when a client comes in with extremely thick hair and a tone that is not pleasing to the eye…brass. So what do you do…some of us tackle it with 5,000 foils…some of us panic…and then some of us wonder why we do hair…haha just kidding. So BCTV thought Guest Artist Ryan Weeden, Master of Balayage was the perfect guy to come help us tackle this challenge. Ryan shows us one, how to get through the thickest of pony’s and two, a full head of balayage that cuts brass and brightens all in one step! Don't miss it!


Ryan Weeden

Having been trained by one of the most prestigious hairdressing companies in the world, Toni & Guy Hairdressing, he learned the art of cutting and coloring. After years of continually honing his craft and developing his own artistic style, he has become a top, sought after talent in the world of hairdressing. His days are filled with clients, many of which have waited months to get their first appointment with him. A born entrepreneur, Ryan has always felt most alive when he is creating something and helping others to grow. He created MOB because he saw the need for a platform to connect with other talented artists so that they may all inspire one another and share their collective knowledge, to help each other reach new levels of excellence and income.