In this week’s follow up episode, Chad really seals the deal by creating the most natural looking root shadow we’ve ever seen! Executing the perfect root shadow is truly an art form that takes those highlights from one shade of blah blonde to a multi-dimensional masterpiece. Take your toning to another level by adding Chad’s unique Color Melt technique to your arsenal of skills. We swear it mimics tresses that have been drenched by the sun! Yes, this process may take a little more effort but the results will never leave you disappointed! Check it out!


Chad Kenyon

Born and raised in Illinois, Chad Kenyon moved to Madrid, Spain where his childhood fascination with hair color quickly turned into a bustling career. After 16 years in Spain, he returned to the US and headed to California. He immediately joined an elite group of colorists at Cristophe Beverly Hills. It was here that he mastered and evolved the art of balayage.Chad has since developed his signature service, COLORMELTTM - which includes balayage accompanied by his face-framing HairStrobing method. His COLORMELTTM service enhances facial features and gives a more authentic feeling than traditional coloring. Clients leave his chair feeling like a younger fresher version of themselves!