Sometimes as artists we get so worked up over what's trending or what so and so did and "oh my gosh did you see her color" that we forget to relax...breath and focus on our basic techniques that take us farther. Guest Artist Dominick Serna is our #goals when it comes down to just taking a step back and relaxing into our craft. So he's here on BCTV to show us his chilled, out beautiful wave pattern! Don't miss it!


Dominick Serna

Born and a raised in Malibu, California, Dom grew up surrounded by the glam and glitz. Unaffected by the hype and naturally rebellious, anyone who knows Dom knows he has a style all his own. He channeled his raw creative energy into becoming a successful hair stylist in a very short time. Some relevant achievements include fashion editorials, music videos and celebrity clients like Amy Smart, James Van Der Beek, Lauren Hutton, Steven Dorff and Poppy Delevingne in the entertainment world and works personally with music phenom Demi Lovato.