Simplified techniques that have the most impactful results are a hairstylist’s best friend... are we right?? We always want to be as efficient as possible when it comes to time, and that’s especially true for those of us that are cutting AND coloring. This week, we have the very talented Jacob Khan and Ben White with us and they’re going to show you their signature “dry cut concave layer” technique! This creates layers that go from long to short, giving the cut a classic yet modern feel that has a lot of movement and maintains the overall length. It sounds easy enough, but these guys are sharing all kinds of innovative cutting techniques that totally blew us away. You definitely don’t want to miss out! This universal method works beautifully on short and long hair lengths... you can do it on anyone! What we love most is that with their tips you’ll be able to cut first and then color perfectly for the shape of the new look. For you stylists out there that cut AND color... this one is for YOU! We can’t wait for you to see the final look!


Jacob Khan

Jacob is the Co-Founder of Fancy Hairdressers, brand ambassador to Goldwell, and internationally recognized educator, and entrepreneur. Specializing in all things cut and color he has developed a brand of education with a simplified style that has noticeable and impactful results. Fancy teaches real salon techniques tailored to bring you real salon success. Before hair, Jake was in musical theater and writing/ performing comedy. Those roots helped shape Fancy education making it approachable, entertaining, and fun! When he is not doing hair Jacob loves to play pool and read comics. He is also an avid axe thrower! You can often find him in his backyard throwing a hatchet at a target.

Ben White

Ben White is a master stylist with experience ranging from television to salon work, the classroom, and some of the biggest hairdressing stages in the country. Ben has developed a style with his scissor and razor work that is both effortless and effective. His relaxed delivery has all of the skill with none of the ego making him easy to learn from and connect with. Ben's other passion is music! He is an active member of multiple bands and plays multiple instruments. Most notably he plays bass in his indie rock band “Corsa”. He is also the frontman for a Nirvana tribute band called “Nameless Nameless”.