Linh Phan is no joke when it comes to making a statement! His work is innovative and highly creative. So, naturally BCTV had to have him! In today’s episode Linh shows us his signature LOB haircut that you’ve seen all over Instagram. His lines are strong and his technique is bold but he’s created a look that people just can’t get enough of. You won’t want to miss this episode!


Linh Phan

Founder and stylist at Bescene Studios in Kensington, MD, Linh Phan and his visionary color work is a perennial favorite with beauty obsessed Instagrammers, bloggers and stylists alike. It wasn't very long ago (after graduating cosmetology school) that Linh began cutting and coloring hair in a small space in his uncle's basement. Word spread quickly about his innovative use of color and cuts, leading him to create Bescene Studios, a true collaborative space where some of the industry's favorite colorists now call home.