We love that balayage life...but as hairdressers we’re always trying to reinvent our favorite techniques and find ways to escalate them. On that note, we just had to bring back the incredible KL Christoffersen! We got such incredible feedback from her previous episode “Fluid Hair Painting” that it was time for an update and a refresh on all of her new and innovative balayage (table) techniques! That’s right... she actually paints her client’s hair on a table and we are a little bit obsessed. It’s such a great way to control exactly where the color is going and unleash your inner artist. No foils today! We always want to keep our client’s hair as healthy as possible, after all! The results leave her with lots of dimension and a bolder, more highlighted look that will grow out flawlessly. Be sure to tune in next week for KL’s signature no base gloss and for the gorgeous final look!


KL Christoffersen