Nine Zero One’s very own Lauren Burke is back with an extended replay of the Dirty Brunette. This is definitely the hot new trend that everyone is asking for, so we want to make sure that you guys have ALL the tools you need to master this iconic style. When Lauren did Riawna’s Dirty Brunette look right here on BCTV (if you missed it, check it out!) Riawna already had a lot of brightness, but it needed to be softened and refined. This time around, Lauren’s model is sporting some old highlights that need to be brought back to life. We’re faced with this in the salon more often than not, so we had to bring Lauren back to break down her exact process for you! In this weeks episode, Lauren will be showing you exactly how she sections and foils the hair. She’ll also be sharing with you her favorite color combinations for this look. Be sure to tune in next week for Lauren’s step by step toning process!


Lauren Burke