We always want to keep our skills sharp and our clients looking fresh and super chic, especially when it comes to traditional the bob! Being one of the most popular hairstyles in the world right now, it’s super important that we understand all of the critical details that go into this cut and how technical it really is. Speaking of technical...this week on BCTV we have the incredibly talented D.J. Muldoon! This former educator/creator for Paul Mitchell has traveled all over the country teaching and we were lucky enough to snag him to demonstrate his serious technical cutting skills. He’s going to show us not one but TWO different bob techniques. He’ll be demoing a graduated bob as well as a layered one. You definitely don’t want to miss it!


DJ Muldoon

Founder and co-owner of The Factory, D.J. Muldoon has managed to create a significant presence and growing loyal following without the support of a manufacturer. Known and respected globally thanks in part to his engaging presence across social media platforms, Muldoon s a second-generation haircutter with a passion for both the craft and the education required to support it. With roots firmly planted in the global Sassoon culture, Muldoon. has been at the forefront of the independent artist movement that has grown very much out of social media, including being an early and leading member of the community.