When youre about to chop off some serious length, you know that theres usually a lot more involved than just that. Taking someone from long to short can be insanely time consuming. Not anymore! This week we have Hector Rodriguez with us, and hes going to show you the magic that is kinetic cutting”. Whats that, you ask? Its how you eliminate weight, add texture, AND remove length in just one snip. Hector is going to take you through a ton of different innovative cutting and texturizing techniques, and were obsessed with all of them; theyll cut your timeline in half and will leave you with absolutely flawless results. We could not believe his clients transformation...youll have to check it out to believe it!


Hector Rodriguez

Hector considered beauty school while standing in line, along with 40 other guys, for a building construction course during his senior year in high school. Next to him was a line of girls registering for a different elective. He asked one of them what class she was signing up for, and she replied, "cosmetology." He erased his choice from the registration form and changed lines. Immediately, the idea of making a living while artistically expressing himself was more intriguing. During his training, he established relationships with stylists that he admired. He apprenticed with a Sebastian platform artist, and soon after that, started to work on his own. Working in and around Los Angeles enabled him to learn from some of the best. He has collaborated with Vidal Sassoon and Sebastian International and worked as a platform artist where education and inspiration never cease. Passion, coupled with expertise, allows him to have a strong clientele base. As an owner and stylist at Cush Salon in Los Angeles, he delivers a unique approach to hairstyling, making people happy and beautiful, all while having a great time.