Softening up that brunette client that wants to maintain a lot of depth isn’t always easy. The right application process is critical, so we decided to bring in the very talented Marissa Neel to show you all of her freehand balayage tips that work PERFECTLY on brunettes! Marissa’s techniques add a little boldness and brightness for that soft, beachy brunette vibe that won’t leave your client feeling too blonde. We are loving how specific her application process is; it’s so fresh and makes for flawless results...we can’t wait for you to check it out! And, tune in next week to see Marissa’s unique all over glossing and styling demo! 


Marissa Neel

Marissa is a colorist located in Northern California, specializing in lived-in/dimensional color. She has been behind the chair for almost 10 years and has been independent teaching for 5 of those years!