We’re back BCTV, and this week we’ve got Riawna Capri! Okay...extensions are installed, but that’s only the half the battle when it comes to making that flawless transformation happen. Riawna is going to take you through her “if you’re ever in doubt...texturize it out” step-by-step process for cutting and creating natural looking extensions. She is going to show you exactly what she looks for, how she removes weight, how she maintains the perfect density, her must have tools...all the fabulous things! Riawna breaks it all down and demos TONS of incredible cutting tips in this episode. Her process will leave you with seamless, natural looking results...every single time! We can’t wait for you to see the final look. So good!


Riawna Capri

As a super down-to-earth, yet honest person, Riawna’s special touch has clients coming from around the world to have her help create their “best you.” Riawna is always joking around and laughing too loud, but she takes her craft very seriously. After graduating from Oxnard High School, her parents forced her to go to college, which lasted for two years, until she made it to Marinello’s School of Beauty, in Henderson, Nevada, circa 2002. After graduating at the top of her class, she went to work at “the best salon in LA,” which at that time, in her eyes, was Fred Segal Beauty. From there, she opened Nine Zero One with co-founder, Nikki Lee, and launched IN COMMON.