When it comes to cutting and blending extensions, we are always down for some fresh techniques because this is something that we come face to face with on a regular basis. We never want to see where our clients’ hair ends and where their extensions start, so Lena’s innovative “feathering” methods are exactly what we were looking for! She uses her scissors in a very specific upward motion that creates a feathered, textured look and as a result the extensions are completely undetectable. She’s going to show you a variety of other techniques that she does like flat ironing throughout the haircut, using undercutting, as well as how she uniquely softens the ends to remove any extra weight. Lena’s will be demonstrating everything on her patented “Skinny Weft Method” extensions. They are fabulous! They work with the exact direction of the hair AND how it naturally grows, so they are super low maintenance and blend beautifully. We are in love with Lena’s final look and can’t wait for you to see it!!


Lena Reitz