Hey BCTV! We’re back with Sarah Klein, and this week she’s going to finish up her Hailey Bieber inspired brunette by showing you all things TONING! Sooooo warmer tones can send us running scared and we’re not even going to lie about it. Lucky for us, Sarah is going to help us face our fears! She’ll be working with warmer colors because the goal is for this brunette look to be as decadent and rich as possible... and a little warmth will truly enhance the colors brightness and shine! She’s going to share all her toner combinations with you and take you through her very thorough application process including exactly where to start, which formulas to place where, how long to leave them on... ALL OF IT! Sarah nailed this trend and we’re absolutely obsessed with all her incredible tips. We can’t wait for you to see the flawless final look! By the way... if you missed Sarah’s foil placement last week, you must check it out!


Sarah Klein

Sarah moved from Oklahoma to specifically pursue her dream of becoming a hairstylist and working at Nine Zero One Salon. She completed cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell as well as advanced cutting courses at Vidal Sassoon. She started the assistant program at Nine Zero One immediately after finishing school, assisting both Nikki and Riawna, learning techniques in color, cutting, styling, and extensions. Sarah specializes in blondes, sun-kissed color, toning down/going darker, men’s hair, and layered/textured cuts. With a background in elementary education, classical music, and a former Miss Oklahoma, she has developed a strong work ethic that enables her to strive for excellence in this industry. She is inspired by the outdoors, music, art, conversations, and fashion. She has a deep desire to continue learning and growing, never becoming too comfortable or stagnant. Her artistic expression mixed with her innate attention to detail allows her to create the complete look catered to the specific needs and desires of each client. Sarah finds joy in helping others feel confident and beautiful. Her genuine and kind spirit cultivates an overall positive salon experience. Sarah enjoys working in the salon, but also has a passion for on-set work including styling for shoots, weddings, and special events.