This week on BCTV, Nine Zero One’s very own Aleksey Bishop is here with us and he is going to show you just how to root extensions so that they blend flawlessly with your client’s natural hair color and NEVER reveal those dreaded tracks. These are actually the exact techniques that he’s uses to color extensions for Miley Cyrus and Jennifer you definitely don’t want to miss this education packed episode! Formulas? Check. Step-by-step application process? Check! Aleksey is going to teach you everything you need to know for perfectly rooted extensions that will look absolutely gorgeous no matter which way the wind blows!


Aleksey Bishop

Aleksey has worked at the DpHue House along side celebrity stylist Justin Anderson coloring hair for many A-list celebrities, YouTubers and Influencers. Aleksey specializes in color with one of his specialties being natural, sun-kissed blondes after learning from the best, Justin Anderson. He has an incredible eye for color and is a true artist in every sense of the word.