Okay guys…you know that when it comes to achieving perfectly popped highlights that the struggle can be REAL. Have you ever finished a client’s color and wished that their highlights stood out just a little bit more? Never fear, Nikki Lee is here with us and she’s going to show you her take on BOWLEAGE! For Nikki, this is the ideal way to quickly brighten up her client after spending hours highlighting them only to discover that they just aren’t quite bright enough. It’s a simple and speedy technique that can be done at the shampoo bowl in 15 minutes or less; it’s the quick fix for lightening up your blonde without having to provide a full-blown service!


Nikki Lee

Hair stylist, salon owner, entrepreneur and mom, Nikki is a jill-of-all-trades. Whether she’s layering in some extensions, crafting the perfect blonde locks or touching up a deep brunette shade, she always makes her clients feel and look their best. Nikki went to beauty school in her hometown of Reno, Nevada. After she graduated, she went to Genesis Salon. When she moved to LA, she assisted at Fred Segal Beauty in Santa Monica, California. After opening Nine Zero One Salon with co-founder, Riawna Capri, they launched IN COMMON.