By now, we’re quite sure that everyone has experienced that client that’s done something to their hair at home, are we right? They probably haven’t had it professionally don’t since the pre-pandemic days? The one thing we’ve been seeing over and over is client’s doing their own gloss. No biggie, right? Here’s the thing, you never know what your up against until you get in there, and we want you to be prepared! Our very own Nikki Lee is with us this week, and she’s going to show you how she handles this particular dilemma. Nikki’s going to break down her application process and formulas and show you how to add a little dimension and brightness quickly and effectively, all while keep your client’s hair super healthy. Nikki’s tips are perfect because they’ll keep you from having to do a full color correction while saving you AND your client all kinds of time. Be sure to tune in next week for a little toning, treatment, and trimming!


Nikki Lee

Hair stylist, salon owner, entrepreneur and mom, Nikki is a jill-of-all-trades. Whether she’s layering in some extensions, crafting the perfect blonde locks or touching up a deep brunette shade, she always makes her clients feel and look their best. Nikki went to beauty school in her hometown of Reno, Nevada. After she graduated, she went to Genesis Salon. When she moved to LA, she assisted at Fred Segal Beauty in Santa Monica, California. After opening Nine Zero One Salon with co-founder, Riawna Capri, they launched IN COMMON.