When a client comes into the salon wanting to be SUPER blonde, they want it... regardless of the consequences! And let’s be real, they’re usually not willing to negotiate. This week, NineZeroOne’s very own Jill Buck is here and she is going to show you how she creates the ultimate blonde on that fine haired, damage prone client... all while keeping their hair healthy and preventing any kind of breakage! Jill is going to take you through her entire color process specifically designed for this hair type. She uses a unique repertoire of products and works in a specific order to ensure that her client’s hair stays healthy while getting the maximum color payoff. It’s all about her placement and timing... you’ve got to check it out! Be sure to tune in next week for Jill’s all over toning tutorial as well as her smokey root shadow demo. And of course for the beautiful final look!


Jill Buck