Doing a bleach and tone on an already dimensional blonde can be very difficult to navigate. Not starting on an even canvas definitely has its challenges, especially if you're taking someone platinum. Timing, formulas, and application all play a key role in how evenly the hair lifts and how much lift you can achieve…all while maintaining the hairs health and integrity. This week on BCTV, we have Abigail Bazzoli with us, and shes going to show you how she transitions a dimensional blonde with natural roots to platinum…in just one day! Now…here at BCTV we understand how that can be difficult to achieve, so we want you to be prepared as well as realistic. And remember, you can ALWAYS go lighter later on if you dont get the exact results that you were looking for. We love how Abigail truly assesses and treats every section of her clients hair accordingly depending on how the hair is pre-lightened. Shes going to take you through her entire lightening process, share all her must have formulas, and be with you every step of the way. Be sure to tune in next time to see how Abigail re-lightens her clients ends as well as how she tones this look!


Abigail Bazzoli

Abigail, a hairstylist based in Los Angeles and founder of @hairpainters and is originally from Palermo, Sicily, a small island off the coast of southern Italy. Growing up, she was always surrounded by art and Italian culture. This influenced her love for creativity and people, which led her to find her place in the hair industry. She specializes in blondes and corrective color. Abigail love’s creating bright, highly detailed, modern lived-in blondes in the healthiest way possible. As a blonde specialist, she continuously challenges herself to always improve and keep up with new techniques to create and enhance blondes to their full potential.